Where Are The Women: How Far Does STEM Reach Before It Hits the Glass Ceiling?

Seems like a redundant headline, one that you have certainly heard before.  Annoying and infuriating, on multiple levels, that it keeps popping up, right…? However, Donna Strickland, has been in the news as of late.  Who? What? Why? Donna Strickland, physicist, was just awarded a Nobel Prize. She is only the 3rd woman to receive […]

Technology, Food, and the River City

Shutterstock Technology + Food At first glance, it might appear that these two are a strange pair. Food in its most unadulterated form is tangible and comes direct from the Earth (for now at least, see the thing about the pizza below), while technology and the associated data are more abstract and seemingly come from […]

Welcome to UTG: We’re Breaking New Ground (in more ways than one)

The past few weeks have brought about a lot of change for UTG. We’ve moved, we’re updating our digital platforms, and we’re starting up some awesome new partnerships!

(1) Physical Change: New Location

(2) Digital Change: Website Upgrades

(3) Civic Change: Putting People over Profit