Application Performance Tuning

Everyday Performance Issues

  • Loss Of Profit
Millions of dollars in needless costs
  • (Hardware, License Fees for software, etc.)
  • Unhappy End Users
  • End user experience seems like it could be better
  • Is Your Current Staff Properly Equipped?
  • Lots of FTE & training expense, but performance issues still exist
  • Lost Revenue Opportunity

Losing current or new business to performance issues

  1. At no cost, we will create a report highlighting all your top resource consuming queries and performance opportunities for any application on any database
  2. At no cost, we will tune the most resource consuming transaction
  3. We warranty anything we touch forever (if it ever goes back to prior performance, we fix it at no cost)
  4. Once we are billable, if the performance gains are not at least 50% then there is no cost for that analysis time, although the average gains are 80- 90%

Reduce Costs & Increase Profit

  • Slash hardware usage by 80-90%, which defers or eliminates hardware purchases
  • Completely Change End User Experience
  • Slash runtimes of transactions by 80-90%, which transforms end user experience
  • DPOP Can Be 100% Mentored
  • We will mentor our skills to your staff and help establish a true performance discipline
  • Customers Are Satisfied
  • More revenue is generated and at a faster pace

 The Solution: APOP

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The APOP Guarantee

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