Infrastructure Health Services

UTG would like to partner with you to deliver improved ROI and lower TCO of your IT infrastructure. Through our expertise in customized infrastructure health optimization we can provide you with best practices and tools aimed at moving your IT staff from spending the majority of their time fighting fires, to improving business operations.

While employing a number of best practices, our Infrastructure Health services provide:

  • Improved Stability and Availability of Your Data Center: Significantly reduced downtime allows company employees and process to remain productive and increase revenue
  • Efficient, Proven Solutions for the Monitoring, Analysis, and Management of IT Infrastructure: Keep your IT staff focused on business operations and adding value to the company instead of fighting fires.
  • Vendor Neutral Solutions: The right solution for your company is implemented as opposed to trying to make you fit into a one size fit’s all solution.
  • Mentoring to Existing Staff: Our fresh perspective provides further analysis of your IT infrastructure, and we take the time to explain best practices and supporting rationale to your IT staff.
  • Security Management: The creation of a standardized operating environment (SOE) allows for more rapid remediation of vulnerabilities.
  • Configuration Management: Gain the ability to manage the IT assets or your organization, and enforce a standardized state across the environment in an automated fashion.