Who We Are

UTG is a St. Louis based woman-owned IT Services firm serving a diverse group of clients throughout the United States. We understand that in order to have a successful business, companies need to have the right talent. Our focus has always been, and remains the same: building long-term relationships with our clients, understanding every aspect of their business and needs, so that we can provide solutions to their needs in a timely fashion. UTG’s top priority is developing relationships with our clients – this allows us to understand every facet of our client’s needs, and to ensure that every solution we deliver is a seamless fit with the their environment. UTG works closely with the client to customize every solution, ensuring a timely and seamless fit.


UTG’s unique model allows us to provide clients with an extremely fast turn-around to meet their needs, minimizing downtime and helping to ensure deadlines are met. The better we understand our clients, the quicker we are able to provide solutions.