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Uberlegen Technology Group (UTG)

Uberlegen Technology Group (UTG) is a highly specialized Saint Louis based consulting firm, with a unique model to streamline all processes for both clients and job seekers alike.   Our main focus has been, and will always remain, relationship-driven, with equal emphasis on ensuring the highest quality.

UTG’s top priority is developing relationships with our clients – this allows us to understand every facet of our client’s needs, and to ensure that every solution we deliver is a seamless fit with their environment.  UTG works closely with the client to customize every solution, ensuring a timely and smooth process.


UTG’s unique model

allows us to provide clients with an extremely fast turnaround to meet their needs, minimizing downtime and helping to ensure that deadlines are met.  The better we understand our clients, the quicker we are able to provide solutions.  Our focus has always been on the local STL area and empowering STL companies and job seekers.

With an overall increase of focus on all things local, UTG has been a pioneer in the effort to not only remain local, but primarily focus on local talent, as well.  We believe in this great city, and the unbelievable talent within it.

Our Mission

In an ever-changing technological and employment landscape, we empower diversity, promote unsurpassed quality, and advocate for all.

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