Our Process

The way we do it

We will strive to make your Information Technology Staffing, Consulting, Direct Placement, Executive Search or Managed Services needs a success, by using our tailored and customized approach.  Our process is defined by getting to know our customers and fully understanding their needs.

We do this by:

Listening more, and talking less. We want to find out exactly what your IT hiring pain points are, as a hiring manager, or if you are a job seeker, we want to know what your dream job would look like. We are here for you.
Perpetual check ins. Whether it be with an IT hiring manager or an IT consultant, we want to make sure that everyone is always highly satisfied, and that it stays that way.
Rigorous screening process = higher quality IT candidates = money saved. Let us focus on what we do best so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Each candidate that we present goes through an intensive and rigorous screening process to ensure that we always deliver the most qualified IT candidates. A better match up front means a better and more efficient interview process for our clients, which leads to less downtime and a faster recovery. We will get you back to doing what you do best in no time.
"Difficult” IT jobs are our specialty - you’ve exhausted all of your usual resources, and you feel like you have talked to the entire town. That is where we come in. With our network of local and national IT candidates and our technical knowledge, we are sure that we can uncover that “diamond on black velvet" that you have been searching for.


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