The past few weeks have brought about a lot of change for UTG. We’ve moved, we’re updating our digital platforms, and we’re starting up some awesome new partnerships!

(1) Physical Change: New Location

The first change has been in the physical location. Due to company growth, we’ve relocated from our old offices at 1015 Locust to new digs at the Millennium Center building at 515 Olive.

Although the distance from our old office to our new one is only about half a mile, to us, it represents a huge shift. The team is energized, the space feels fresh, and we have some great new views, especially of the infamous St. Louis sinkhole everyone’s been talking about…

Our view of the sinkhole construction. Taken from the UTG conference room. July 6, 2017.

Our President (and fearless leader), Trenna Edwards-Quevreaux, poked fun at the fact that we came to the building and a week later, the ground was quite literally, breaking.

“I’d like to think we’re groundbreaking in the ways that we think and operate, but we didn’t mean it literally.”

–Trenna Edwards-Quevreaux, President, UTG

Sinkholes aside, we’re so glad to still be in the heart of downtown STL, just a stone’s throw from the Old Courthouse and the recently renovated Kiener Plaza Park, and are truly loving the new location. We can stop by Starbucks on our way into the building in the morning, and pop over to Mr. Curry’s for lunch. We love the energy of downtown and enjoy seeing the streets flood with fans during Cardinals home games. And, as a technology-focused company, it’s also good to be near so many St. Louis innovators, from ShipWorks to T-Rex, and we’re loving the energy and output coming from this area of town!

(2) Digital Change: Website Upgrades

We’ve been breaking some new ground in our digital space too! Our website is getting the old once-over and we’re taking the opportunity to connect our digital platforms in a more user-friendly way. We’re linking our company Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through our website to better showcase who we are and how we work to our clients and candidates. Now you can head directly to our social media sites from our web page and our social media manager couldn’t be more thrilled!

We’re also blogging now! Yep! This is actually the first of many UTG blog posts to come. As a St. Louis-based and women-owned IT Services Firm, we’re of course going to be featuring cool things in the tech industry, new and interesting things happening in St. Louis, and some amazing and inspiring women too! We’re really excited for the opportunity to foster some discussion and share some love for our region and our field!

(3) Civic Change: Putting People over Profit

For 14 years UTG has operated differently than many other IT Consulting firms. We pride ourselves on being more collaborative than competitive, a huge cultural difference from most of the industry. We also focus heavily on relationship-building with both our clients and our candidates. We want to foster talent and make a point of investing in our candidates’ soft skills. Through the development of soft skills and resume building, we aim to make our candidates as marketable as possible, and we cheer them on when they experience success.

Recently we came together as a company and decided that we wanted to make the same investment that we make in our IT candidates in our community. UTG has recently begun partnering with Places for People, an amazing organization that provides mental health services in the St. Louis area. Many of the people they work with are transitioning back into the workforce and we’re excited to begin partnering with their vocational program to teach these soft skills. We’re doing what we can to aid the transition because the skills we teach to tech candidates are absolutely transferable to the clients at Places for People. We’re also looking into other area organizations to partner with, and can’t wait to see these relationships grow!

If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, or if you have any St. Louis recommendations we’d love to hear from you in the comments below! We love talking tech and career building, and we’re always on the hunt for a good lunch spot!

Written by Julia Haberstroh